Young taught Old Done.


That is a saying that often will come into our lives.
And of course with many things help us.
Everything we learn and know is an experience.
And something we can use for an easier life.
Problems is not something we want but can not be avoided.
In our daily existence of Poverty and Wealth.
From Scams and Dishonest Present..
Rights and Duties
Discrimination and Loyalty.
Of Crime and Accidents.
Corruption and honest.
Because things go wrong in life we realize that we live.
Experiences give us a proper balance to accept that.
Many things we will do not accept.
And we can not process them in our thoughts.
We thought so differently from what happened here today.
The experience makes you realize at that time.
That things are differently than you have seen or learned.
It shaking you awake with the reality in your eyes.
To face with it gives you a different impression on life.
An experience not soon go out but keep You in mind.
But that is something you can not change in a positive way.
There you have the authority and power not for unfortunately.
So you will need to learn and accept.
What happened at that time or be decided.
Whether true or not true.
Is it Fair or Unfair plays no role.
Another or the nature has control at that time.
To decide what happens or is done.
What you are or not are , plays no role in this situation.
Another person or nature has total control over U.
Nothing more can you avoid or intervene.
For you are captivated by the experience called Life.


Live and let live.
Is something not always count.
Positive thinking is what is then reciprocated.
The situation is never changing as it happened.
Positive thinking and checking.
Is the only thing you still can help.


I wish you a healthy life.
Author Jan Jansen