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Be Young what was it fine.
Young life without defects and not looked to much.
This is now proven otherwise, to many looking.
Looks at how and what and how he does it.
I had very different expectations and thoughts.
Conceived mind in life there is what today is all about.
Who has not thought it will feel and flood the world.
Not with wise words and languages.
But will have to pay the toll.
Pay for not listening and obeying the rules in the new generation.
Generation of money and power who would have ever have imagined this.
Thought that everything would run different when I was Young.
What have I done wrong , where does all that misery now come from.
Misery is what you see.
Look around you on TV and in newspapers.
They all make each other down , is it not morality then abnormal.
We can not only think anymore of it , and not only more dream of it.
It is now the reality of life and time.
Thus we can not forward to a good life.
We fall into a hole and crawl out again.
Is that life as a grown man in this wealth.
It’s all so different but I was Young remained.
Everything was done for me there was nothing to stand still on.
If I was going to close my eyes and lay to dream my Mother was back to cooking.
For when I awoke to eat and was first a kiss for a new day.
That is the thing I’m waiting and longing.
But the past will never return back.
We can only think of another person and give them attention.

Dear people what was to be Young a fine time.


I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen



Young Poetry Stories by Jan Jansen