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Works this so in Life.


What you are watching.
What do you want with that achievement?
Want to impress me.
Or do you want to force things.
How am I to react ?
Because I will not discriminate by U.
Do you want to ask something or say.
Something for me to explain.
I would not know so what You want.
I have also never been bitten You.
It does really hurt.
Maybe would that be it.
But I can not remember.
Now if that is so, for me life is not so fresh.
Now You want to make trouble.
Or make friends ?
You keep looking at me.
Why that is remains to be seen.
If you say anything against me.
Then get the earnest wish is that you really want?
I would like to live in peace.
And give it to another.
And if it can mean something for you
You can say it , thank you


Many are unhappy in life.
Watching others get their over inflated.
But everyone has their problems.
Which are also not just disappeared.
There must be something you to against it.
And usually it is money.
Do not be drawn and live in peace and decency.


I wish you a healthy life.
Author Jan Jansen