Without batting an eyelid.


I Love these roses given from my heart.
Because I know it’s you in my life.
That’s where I wait every day for.
And desire and covet to that.
My heart is pounding hard every time I see you.
My eyes go through your body.
And My thoughts disappear in You.
My body needs You.
Because I love You.
I want to give and tell you everything.
So that We are happy together in life.
From deep in my heart I want to do it all.
I dream about our life together.
How fine it can be.
I am awake in the morning and look around Me.
I realize than life.
Because I’m only there.

Often we meet someone.
Our feelings store stampedes.
Only You have those feelings.
Which the other does not have.
You think very differently.
Which the other does not even move.
So is the way life.
It is sometimes painful.
And I wish you success.
I hope it will help You , but that will not be.


I wish you a healthy life.
Author Jan Jansen