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Why was something that we need to be separated?


Everyday I’m waiting there to look at you.
I do not want to lost my feelings for You and let it go.
Because every time you’re in my mind that’s why I’m right here waiting.
Every day around nine o’clock we meet together on the street again but to our opposite side.
Then I feel my love for You in my heart as You are walking there on the other side and completely alone.
I can see You walking there with Your beautiful body and nice legs.
I would like to wave and shout to You but I do not know Your name.
But that would not be decent and sensible for to do because I don’t want to bring the shame to you.
I just want Your love and gain respect for me so we can soon to sing together with joy on our wedding.
So that we can share the love for the rest of our life.
But then the unpleasant days were there and I no more can see You.
Every day I keep on waiting for You but you did not appear there.
Now there is an emptiness in my heart because I did not understand what made us separate.
Until now I’m curious for what and why it is gone but one thing I know for sure is things happened for a reason.
But in my heart I still can not forget You even though we have never been together


I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen
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Daily Poems and Stories Portal - Why was something that we need to be separated?