Who is the Spy.


It is getting harder to find out new things.
So commercial spying is the order of the day.
They come as employees or potential buyers.
Have a good skill over the job and the product.
Knowing how to handle and how a good corporate language to speak
Has on two sides therefore pay a good salary.
Know themselves so in to working in the company that nobody it has by .
In fact, they are the hoses and intruders in the company without self-respect.
They make friends and cooperate in a team , but are not straight or a real friend.
Or should we see this as a legal and potential job.
That is on the same level but because of the stolen information.
Then a better product with features can produce and bring on the market.
For an inventor and market leader, this is a major setback of his product.
And do not understand that other can have the same invention as the company.
In other and have better features for use and sale to the consumer.
His world is so into each other cases and also lose a lot of time and money thereby.
Investment costs and materials, labor cost and advertising.
Evidence on this spying activities are there but difficult to solve.
A common spying strategy in the world we have many different also in politics.
Especially with the space shuttle where it is speaking about billions of investments.
The spy is hard to find but must also one time come out of his hole !!!


I wish you a healthy life.
Author Jan Jansen