When we feel Truly Confident and Secure, the Opinions of Others cannot Control us


In life we all have a time when we are disappointed by the actions of people.
That we ourselves put on every effort to help others but we are facing with the opposite side of those people to us.
These are facts that when the money is involved, that it will have the upper hand while we did not thinking about money.
That people are so fixated on the money that the tenderness of man no longer counts and their character changed completely.
Then all things we made or work before does not have any more attitude of gratitude because then the thought from them is only to make profits and funds out of us.
Then they try in every way to talk and make us feel guilty by obscuring the truth and they want to take our knowledge and name it on their own way to get everything without cost.
They also try persuading others with lies and deception to convince that they are innocence and to be proven they are right.
Fortunately, we are confident and we know our place in life and their words and threats never can control us.
And we all know that honesty will always win and be rewarded.


I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen

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