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When our Actions are based on Good Intentions then our Soul has No Regrets


Nobody wants to show the bad sides of themselves in life and all of us just want to do good.
We want to contribute all of our best to the society and feel comfortable with it.
But our effort are not always be appreciated or understand and that create confusion and depress feeling for ourselves.
Thought that we are already do good and always give our helping hand to improve the world but yet there are others who can think completely different with us.
At least those people keep trying to do it often to point us in an unfriendly way and expect us to accept it
But to get the things done we have to do with the inner peace on ourselves with our good intentions.
We do to that to help promoting others in the population so they can be acceptable by all into a good direction.
When we have peace in our mind and act well then we will not blame ourselves or feel guilty.
We tried to do our best in all circumstances and follow-up in an honest way to implement good intentions in every single action and reaction.
So in this circumstance we won’t feel sorry for ourselves, we can only regret that we have misjudge on a person or an action.
Or regret that we have taken the wrong action for the wrong people in our life.
It is not necessary to regret on the things that we have done in life, because they were all based on good intentions.


I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen

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Daily Poetry and Stories Portal - When our Actions are based on Good Intentions then our Soul has No Regrets