What our Ancestors have Planted, we Harvest Today


The foundation of our existence on earth we owe to our ancestors, some of us enjoy many benefits since birth.
For the sake of the accumulated goodwill and sympathy of our ancestors by propagation of multiple generations.
The genes of our ancestors we have inherited and so are our characters trait and hereditary diseases that have emerged among family members over the centuries.
Everything what did our ancestry and experienced we can dispose of it, may will be suffering or enjoying their accumulated wealth.
Our life is nowadays and the past is to let rest, but it is something to be even a minute, to be in silent with respect.
What our ancestors have planted we harvest today and so we have the opportunity to replant it for our successors which then they will harvest.
Everyone eventually seeking independence and wealth so as our predecessors the interests of our ancestors have well observed. we can now perhaps reap the benefits from it.
If there in the centuries-ancient family circle relatives were who the ownership insight and trust broken or had abused, we have be let down by there now and been duped with it.
This is an evolution of life where nobody can blame us with, but facing it for our less future opportunities.
Heritages are the first transferred properties, that determine our prospects, for what we need to do nothing as heir.
Announce about heritage where debts are, we get also free handed and we are responsible for it.

So it may also be that our own accumulated capital get lost due to the lifestyle or way of our parents or grandparents.
Provided that we have sorted out the legal paperwork and in everywhere from exempt and safeguarded with sadness and a smile.


I wish you a healthy life

Kindly Regards
author Jan Jansen

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What our Ancestors have Planted, we Harvest Today

What our Ancestors have Planted, we Harvest Today – auteur Jan jansen