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What is going on.


Can you tell me what happened.
You look so different and not normal.
If I were you look in your eyes so I can not believe it.
You are normally so optimistic and good-humored.
Please tell me what happened.
It seems that the world is gone for You.
If I see you now so there stay very unhappy.
You are not ahead fires.
Luckily it is no disgrace.
For there is surely something happened.
Tell me so I do not have to think about.
And going to hurt myself.
Because I can not help you if I know nothing.
The only thing I can do is I grab you and embrace You.
But I do not know what happened.
I feel very regrettable.
I would like to help you but if you do not tell it.
What do I think it looks like a game.
A game to play with my thoughts.
What could be what you would expect from me.
I do not know what to do.
And then you give it a kiss.
For what can I do now?


People give others the chance to think along with you.
Let another not only guess.
That can give a different impression on you in person.
And nobody can help you if you do not talk.
Of course there are always things you can not tell.
These are precisely the things that will give no love in life.


I wish you a healthy life.
Author Jan Jansen