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What Doesn’t beat us make us stronger


Unfortunately, many things in our life are not always easy and there are many things for us to consider.
If we want something, we have to undertake and abide by many laws obligations which are not always easy.
It’s quite a challenge to follow them, because there are so many rules that we must to fulfill.
Then we get to deal with competitors who do not like us in  and see us as a threat for them to loss the profit.
So we have to plan to settle in which environment, when we found the place then there will be a zoning plan waiting to be approved first for us.
But If we have everything planned and organized , we will have to deal with jealousy and envy.
And some people, for whatever reason,  want to do everything that caused us can not settle there.
But a quitter never can win and a winner never quits.
So never give up and always think that anything which beat us will only make us become a more stronger entrepreneur.


I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen
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