What a Drop can Meant in Your Life.


Because of that drop, we come into our life.
We have now build a place in our society with a goal.
To do for the best of our lives with a positive feeling.
Positive in life can find our way to happiness.
Studying makes knowledge for our wisdom and prosperity.
Much knowledge that one drop can generate into a sea of information.
Where everything can develop for improvements in the future.
Where good and evil meet together and unite in peace.
We both have the same goal for our lives in a peaceful society.
Water drops can bring peoples interflow together as one.
Differences of opinion are resolved with words and results.
Discrimination and violence belong to the past with a water drop that has become a large sea and full of wisdom.
United together to be wise and strong.
Because the forces of many drops of water together create his own path and makes us united for life.


I wish You a healthy life.Kindly Regards,
author Jan Jansen @authorjanjansen


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