We Should have Enough Patience to Wait for what we Really Deserve


Nowadays everything is going so fast and in a hurry that most people are running out of time to relax.
Money seems to be in the minds among the majority of population, it is the most important thing because with money we can buy everything and it can let others think that’s the happiness!
If everything is bigger and more beautiful as another then it becomes a way of thinking, it also created an upwelling view with the belief that we will be happier.
But our true inner feelings have nothing to do with money or possessions, because satisfaction is the only thing which can make us happy.
Millions in the bank account just makes things easier but it give no inner joy or a good health with a body that is full with all the trappings.
For many among us there are times that we wanted to give everything in order to get what others cannot get at that time, with our money and possessions, and that’s the truth.
We need money for almost everything in our life but it is also so comparatively and can cause problems if we do not know how to deal with it.
In life we get what we deserve, when we are good and righteous to others, we can expect it back, but we no need to force it.
Patience is virtue and will always overcome difficulty, this has taught us to be patient and not rushing things because “Haste makes waste”
Be genuine and gracious then everything will be all right in life, polite and decent to others and have the patience to wait for what we truly deserve, because we will acquire what is accrues to us.


I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen


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