We Shall Reap on What we Sow


Who does well will meet good things and people, is a very truth saying, and also a sign of appreciation in our life.
Even sometimes people are getting biased or being discriminated against, and some think they are more than another, but the justice will always win over it in the end.
We all were born the same and everybody have to do similar things in living, such as eating, sleeping, drinking and going to the toilet, no one can be the exception.
In life, we will all received and this is mapped with what we deserved, so always behaved well in our own and be honest with our fellow man.
With this healthy and helpful way of lifestyle, we will have plenty of opportunities to make the right connections in order to encounter with the perfect friends.
Of course sometimes we might pass through our friendly gesture and honest reputation to the wrong people.
But they will prematurely fall by the wayside or once they take the chance to disadvantage us, we will also take legal action or leave them.
Those persons are the short-sighted people who have no self-respect, a misjudgment which was make by us in the first personal contact must remain as the same now.
Being the wrong person, they shall be beaten by the hands of justice, and then will eventually get their comeuppance.
Therefore do not let ourselves be tempted by evil, then we will reap on what we sow.


I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen


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