We Must See the Possibility in Every Situation


In life, we sometimes get caught up in all kinds of situations without warning, some are wantonly and not thinking about it.
But every situation we get is an opportunity and option to learn, then we also can take the profit out of it.
We only must be able to discover the possibility ourselves and to understand it in order to improve the perspectives for our future
Sense the signal and see the chances that there is a potential to make benefit from an occurred situation to have the knowledge and identify it.
If there is something to observe in our vision, then we already can make our benefit out of it alone by the experience.
It might be fun but also we can learn in a awkward situations so that we can think of  avoiding it next time.
There are so many opportunities if we can continue to think directly with phlegmatic in a common situation, because panic or aggression will limit our possibilities.
We should really be prepared for everything, but unfortunately that is not possible, because almost every situation are different.
Positive thinking can bring us quickly into a good mind, because negative thoughts will need to take more time and that can be fatal for us.
Every day when we go somewhere to start something new or continue on the existing item, it is better to take all precautionary measures before and make plans for every circumstances.
Consider beforehand all the possibilities in our mind and write it on paper or save it on a Word document in the computer.
We should then read about it a few times so that it is stored in our memory, so that the theoretical part has been completed and it give us a quicker solution with the capabilities for inclusive in practice.
So we can control ourselves almost in any situation, because the solution options are already being stored in our brains.
Thus, we have more opportunities so we can easily find probability for the right solution in every situation no matter what capacity it is.
Each situation creates a possibility for us to see what is the best and most quickest solution.


I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen


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