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We must Face our Fears and Wipe off our Tears


Anxiety is normal but is is also a nuisance for us and can make us sad.
There are also many different kinds of fears which lead to our nerves.
Before we goes for an interview , we would have many nerves and fears and and this may cause after the meeting either can give us the tears of joy or disappointment.
There may also be fears arise for some particular animal or fear of height.
A specific account which must to be paid and when we does not have the money then we can have tears for fears because we are worry for the consequences.
Whether we will lose a customer in which their money paid for us is an essential to continue pay the costs in the company.
All of those fears that keep us busy and work on our mood.
Have to be happy and always find a solution or tears when we are fear if we do not have the solution.
But one thing for sure if we endeavor to do something, then it is better we do not fear them, when we never can control the outcome of everything then we could not overcome this.
Because if we try our utmost best but still not enough to affect the result then is time to be afraid and tears is unnecessary because it will not give us the solution.
When we manage to face our fears, we do not need to wipe our tears away.


I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen
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