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We have to be with Someone who can Bring Out the Best in Us


Everyone are looking to find something special for themselves but its difficult as finding a pin in the haystack.
But “Every Jack has his Jill ” so it is easy for every one is to find the true partner,  only not when they are been too picky.
It’s give and take in a relationship so there is a good balance between each other and can solve the problems before bedtime to compromise with peace together.
Then we can start the next morning together again with full courage ahead for the new day and have breakfast with a good feeling.
It is important for us to feel at home in harmony with a partner who fully understand us and we can speak about everything in life together.
As the love for each other will prevails over every disruptions in the relationship,  we also want to do everything to prevent any possible problem.
Support problems for each other from outside as well with a inner feeling, thus can add more sparks to the relationship.
Love each other so much that only a death can separate us and they will remain in our mind as a partner forever until the end.
We will never lost the love and friendship that we will have for our partner.
Good partners have matched and each can accept its flaws and in consultation with support on both sides always come to a result that does not affect the feel of the other.
Then we can say that we have pulled the best out from each other , so we can live and grow our love along with a good feeling.


I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen
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