We do Not Meet People by Accident, they are Meant to Cross Our Path in Life


It seems some encounters we had was good to awakened us in our life.
And it make us realize that we cannot just simply trust someone, we need to know them very well first.
So that our feelings are not quick to disappointments and we won’t have the psychological problems due to our bad thinking.
The wickedness of man once again let us confront with the truth behind what the person really is or he just want to play.
It give us a brand new experience and a lesson of life as it can be shown to us while we learned not to do it.
The sad part is that it is usually a too costly lesson but a very useful for the rest of our lives.
So to learn from the problems and setbacks are basically a cheap lesson for us to save for our life.
Every damage and disgrace will make people become wiser, if we can do something and take advantage of.
We meet good and bad people in life and we are guided by experiences and events with facts to a better life.


I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen

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