We All should have a Reason to Believe


Everything in the world is now changing and we can not compare ourselves when we were young and could trust each other.
Things become much harder and many people cannot be trusted, because money can be a force majeure for us.
It has become increasingly difficult to make money and the population increases so there should have more mouths to be filled with food.
So the financial revenues go down and more people have to eat on this earth that can cause problems for many people.
Desperate needs lead to desperate deeds, so they keeps looking for new ways to maintain their financial situation to the same level.
Entrepreneurs who do all good with their business will sharpen their skills and products thus they are more likely to make to top in the business market.
But people who are already not doing well with their business and even earn less, might be having the financial problem and will get into trouble.
This cause the reduction of qualities because they are panicking and no more concerned with the whole production.
They run behind the facts which they lose all control because they are trying to save from the loss.
At least that’s the first thoughts in their order with a negative energy to strengthen their own position in the social media and business world.
Everyone knows that if they do not handle their things well for being honest, the times will always tell it and then people realize what it’s all about that someone is doing something with a purpose.
The moment that partners realize that lie, they put into doubt and suspicion arises which created the investigation to get the truth.
So people’s eyes are more opened to the actual situation to find out where the is mistake.
Thus there will be no more friendships makes but ended because the truth is hard and they will be settled by the law they deserve.
The game they played all the time is coming to an end and the lies will be disclosed and swears by the truth.
Which they will become more trouble because their true nature has finally been revealed by their colleagues and friends.
We have now been given a reason not to believe anything more from the one who appeared as a different person from before.
However, everybody are free to believe on their own reason.


I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen


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