We All Can be the Winner when we Learn to Accept Losing


In life it is not always can get successful improvements or winnings, it can be ups and downs as the graph of stock market.
To hope for victories over adversity and that we can not always predict, but we can estimate it ourselves.
A good judgement or calculation on our chance can determine the difference , but there is nothing certain in life, even odds calculations may be different.
So if we are only willing to win, it is also possible for us to lose, because when there are no losses can be made, it’s also impossible to gain.
Only those who dare to take a risk are ready to be responsible for the loss, as they continue with their positive sense when there is an earlier opportunity arrive for them to make profits.
An investment today on both financially and personality will brings risks with it, due the changes in the business world and humanity.
Lose will give us the lessons to be able to gain acceptance in order to improve our strategy from mistakes.
Accept the opportunity to lose and this will increases the chances to win, so let’s make a winning deal by increasing our circle of possibilities.
Winning or losing is a part of life, no one can be a permanent winner.

I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen


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