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Users object.


Some people think they can use You.
But they can not even smell on me.
They see you as a victim and want to devour you.
And prefer to tie your hands with ropes.
Then they have your easily within their grasp.
But give them this chance, but not.
Because that does not brings bode well in the offing.
They want on a easy way grabs something.
That their own minds never can achieve.
They also do not want to work that would limit their freedom.
They want to be as free as a bird in the air.
As a crow flying around, looking for gold.
They don’t even love themselves and are not restrain.
They know exactly where they’re start and make webs like spiders.
Let you walk up in with everything , that’s at least what they hope for.
Only the sages have them by , because they put you on the wrong railway.
They try You everything to let believe and at the end you are deceived.
They go there laughing with the loot from by.
And then let You behind with much regret.
Let it not come so far, they only want let You dream of it.
They believe themselves as they tell it to You.
For some, there rings a bell.
It used the same as with hopscotch.
He then jumped out of the box and he was off.
And he stood surprised , you had the game by and you not more want to proceed.
Fortunately, on time you could understand everything and you was not been more for grabs.
But You can on that moment drink his blood .
But then you would just only yourself let sink.
At the same level as him , better You can forget him quick.


I wish you a healthy life.
Author Jan Jansen