True Love is to Sacrifice Without Condition


Unconditional love is priceless, and it is also possible for us to do everything we have to give our love, without expecting to receive anything back .
Without love, life would not have much value, it is precisely this emotional feeling that can make everything become more exciting for us.
If we love something and do it with love, then it will give us more satisfaction, especially if we not think about getting something in return.
It’s good to do something and not just think the reason for personal gain, even though do everything for free is nearly impossible.
Because even when we are in love, we still need to supply resources for our livelihood and that is not free and there is no charity fund to sponsor for this.
Therefore sometimes we must sacrifice to satisfy our love one both mentally and physically.
When we are working for someone and get paid by money, that two-way traffic is justifiable, but it should not be the same in Love.
Love is a sensitive chord, but to sacrifice without asking for return should be the ultimate goal in all of the relationship.
When we give our hearts to another, and no feelings back ,then it seems like it’s a waste of time, but our hearts store all the positive energy of love, so we will not be unhappy.
We will be thrilled by an eye contact with this person, and it will greatly strengthen our emotional feelings.
The happiest moment in our life is that if someone we have meet want to share the mutual love unconditionally with us.
Our love put us together without all the voids, so the collective life can be filled with mutual feelings and respect.
Not thinking about the advantages or disadvantages by love, but most importantly find the true feelings between two hearts.
When the material conditions play a role, we still can keep the feeling with our heart, then we can speak of true love.


I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen

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