True Friendship is After Anger have Peace Again with Each Other.


We are all old enough that we know that each person have different views and their own opinion about something is motivated by his own mind.
That we don’t always agree with each other and this can execute in a big discussion at the same time together and that possible recharge tempers to rage.
It’s even possible that it can get out of hand with emotion and sentimental honor in the mean time occur through an emotional impression to aggression.
Years of excellent family, friendship, relationship could even possibly cause damage and the whole history and feelings related to forget and break.
In a few seconds, minutes, an inner love, friendship or relationship can overturning to a misunderstanding or event furiositeit and become hatred.
If we are wise to think about than it seems sometimes even impossible not want to lose or terminate a good relationship in this way.
That both sides can still never be have the intention for let it come to that, the value of love, relationship, friendship is still stronger in our minds.
Even if someone else our family member, friend, girlfriend or relation do them something we also feel the pain and that throws again coals on the fire by the interference that arises.
Be intelligent enough that every relationship is important in our life and its value is not for sale financial resources also sometimes our salvation may be in distress.
Try in our life to solve every problem with peace before we go to sleep.
Everyone can make mistakes or understand anything other than it is, there will be only a few people in the world population walking around who willfully want to do wrong.
In an accident or emotional excitement many indivudual will lose control about themselves, but that doesn’t mean they have a bad heart, when its affected by a instantaneous action.
Let the friendly, family or relationship not lost by disharmony together that only occurs in a small period of time and let this be quickly solved with an apology or confession that maybe made by an misstep or mistake and think for a peaceful victory together in harmony.


I wish you a healthy life.Kindly Regards,
author Jan Jansen


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True Friendship is After Anger have Peace Again with Each Other 26 April 2015