To Share is to Care For Others


Lots of information and experiences from birth will make us a wise person, at least if we learn from it.
All this information is then stored in our memory and help us every time with a wealthy orientation by the good research.
We may also use this information to help others to participate in our knowledge by spreading to anyone anywhere and remind them of any mishandling.
Many hands can do a lot of works, many eyes will see more and many ears will hear more about everything.
But afterwards we must all be willing to share it together so that what one does not understand, the other person can explain it inside the team.
Thus, everyone can gather the same knowledge at the end and we all know what is it about without doubt.
Clarification of the actual facts is very important in our life, because sometimes the spoken words are being twisted or written in a way that has an entirely different meaning, so it’s causing a misunderstanding for us.
Everything is then be distributed in spoken words or on paper that the communication offers various alternatives and our thoughts precisely understand on the wrong data.
That is our science, but the subject has several meanings, thus creating confusion and requires clarification from our mind.
Cooperation offered by others is then be highly appreciated, because we sometimes make the wrong decision without having the sufficient knowledge.
Compartmentalization among others about this topic is very welcome and they also will explain the ultimate meaning for us.
Knowledge or issues that are sometimes unreachable for others, will be nice to share with the concern about each other, so together we can increase our intelligence.
No one is able to know everything, so if we can help to share with our expert knowledge to develop together, then we also help others out of their nescience.
Sharing to concern for others will be the same as a wound healing of mankind.


I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen

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