To Feel at Best, We should Cherish the People who can Uplift us


There are plenty of people on the earth to love with and who can make us happy.
Not everyone is willing to do that, because we are strangers, or they are too busy with their own engagement.
We now live in a world where things change daily and its getting more harder for us.
The mindset of people has changed together with a good moral philosophy behavior which only belongs to the past.
Accompany each other as a close friendship occurs sporadically and it can be faded after the years passed even if there are no financial or other interests among each other.
It is almost impossible to take others into our trust, but fortunately there are some exceptions and we should cherish those with love from deep in our heart.
Our full respect and love is what they deserve to be always there with their true friendship for us during good and bad times to show from their heart without asking for reciprocity.
As person they are there to show mutual respect entirely for our friendship without wanting to have any advantage or gain in mind.
We see the true face of them in our eyes and ears hear that they are not hypocrites to speak to our mouths and spoke the words what we want to hear.
But they feel with us when we are in pain and give us honest advice and opinion on what they have in their mind.
Sometimes it can be hard by incomprehension but sincerity will never break the friendship because there will always be an explanation which may lead to a suitable solution.
Friendship is not only joy and fun, it’s also include sad and crying together when there is a suffering moment.
To meet these people in our life is not easy, but if we get the opportunity we will be happy and care for them to give the same mutual feeling.
Cherish the people around us who are always able to give us moral support so that we feel ourselves as the best.


I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen
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