This One Person Who is it Unquestioning


Nobody needs more longer to think about it.
Totally agree with my own heart and body.
The feelings are there for that one person is there totally and goes through my whole body.
There is not a seconds that pass by or my attention for that true person goes through my desiring thoughts.
Why and where we will wait longer on?
The jitters and butterflies in one stomach say enough and that is the real sign in our life.
Passionate desire for that person grows by the minute.
The inner emotions out there for that one and only extraordinary person say enough for me.
That one person, is that thither to my inner personality for stay the rest of my life together and all joy wants to share it.
Everything do with each other, in all care and tenderness by which grows from our love.
Now that one person only have to do one thing, that is to give the opportunity and accept my heart with full essence.
So that we can together then still share an exciting life experience further with full excitement of passionate joy.
Since we only need in our life to met this one person who is it Unquestioning.


I wish you a healthy life

Kindly Regards
© author Jan Jansen

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This One Person Who is it Unquestioning - author jan jansen @authorjanjansen This One Person Who is it Unquestioning – author jan jansen[/caption