The Unexpected Remain to Surprise us even Though we Are Prepared for It.


Every now and then we come into contact with miracles are completely overwhelmed and amazed, because we thought to be prepared for anything.
The bizarre thing in life is that we think and hope all have learned and done to perfection, while we still are faced with riddles.
At such time we have a real problem, because we had totally not taken into account or attention there, that’s like lightning by sunshine
With our mouth talk is easy, we need only to move our lips and there is already noise, but many solutions can then no longer be solved with words.
That takes more than talk and a good show especially as we are completely off the map and derailed to the right direction, it is literally a tragedy if that happens to us and we are really shocked by it.
Started with good cheer and all was planned with a good view and position until the excellence so everything seemed to be perfect until the hell broke and something evil was discovered there.
This discovery was unfortunately no treasure of gold that we had overlooked but such a disappointment that the atmosphere and everyone was stripped.
Question marks were many in their minds but could not make up and acceptance was the only thing that still remained for us, excuses which was what followed with a red color of shame on the face.
Thus, we have discovered again that we can strive for excellence and that all our energy to stabbing with the best intention, but that nothing is guaranteed or 100% in life.
We can be so well prepared everything with excellent planning, but the unexpected can still strike up and surprising us without a smile on our face.


I wish you a healthy life.Kindly Regards,
author Jan Jansen


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The Unexpected Remain to Surprise us even Though we Are Prepared for It 14 June 2015