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The Pain we’ve Suffered will only make us Stronger


Why does our life can never be consistently good and there are always come unexpectedly surprises emerge?
We must think that life is still fine and we should be lucky that we have the best relationships and good family members.
The sun shines every day for us as it seems, and always think of this famous proverb : “Sunshine will Comes after the Rain”.
However, in this case, there is a sunshine and after comes the storm.
This come for us as a bad turning point for the bottom of our heart and it’s turn from laughter to tears with an irresistible painful feeling.
It was all so good before but why did this happen to us now and we are lurking on the danger.
The pain of psychological trouble gives us sorrow every day.
So we know how hard our life can be and that it is no mercy.
But if we manage to go through and endure this difficult time with a positive outlook on life , it will only make us stronger.
We will be able to mingle the good and bad time with the positive thinking along with a broad smile in our bad periods
Knowing that there are always better times to comes so we must continue and be positive in all circumstances
We must be tough for endure the pain in order to enjoy the laughter afterwards.
Because the sun will not shine 24 hours a day and the storm can last for days and stop suddenly.


I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen
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Daily Poetry and Stories Portal - The Pain we've Suffered will only make us Stronger