The Naked Truth is always Better than to come up with Best Dressed Lie


One of the best personalities that a person can have is to forgive everyone’s mistake before we go to sleep.
Truth, honesty and respect are the right words to follow in our life to get us a valuable place in the society.
A lie is like the sun, we can not see it for a long time but suddenly it comes out and shines.
But a lie always bring us the sorrow and destruction then we will be labeled as an unreliable person.
We can read the falsehood in some people’s eyes but still we choose to believe in good faith to their first words.
Because “The innkeeper trusts his guests after his own character” thus we becoming a good victim for such people
But to eat the sweets, we have to open the bag first and after we get to know the true nature of it.
The one who foresees nothing is always happy, and the one that knows all those tricks are often unhappy, so what is wisdom?
Honesty is the best policy in life therefore when we give our trust  to others, we will surely get it back.
Everyone makes mistakes in life but if we create lie for others to believe then we will be punished and get our lesson eventually.
We can take revenge and be happy for a short period,  but we also have the chance to always be happy which is to forgive them.
Trust can be embarrassed at once and then it is our choice to decide on what we must do with it.
A lie is also a choice but whoever choose on this , then they have to live the rest of their life with it.


I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen
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