The most Exhausting Thing in Life is to be Unfair to Others


Everyone would be satisfied with an honest and competent life.
It will give us inner peace with confidence to each others.
The peace among themselves will also be good, because most of the problems caused by injustice.
By people who lie, cheat and do wrongful acts.
And this unfair is creating problems and dissatisfaction among each other.
If we are honest we tell the same story every time and have all the similar answer for the same questions every time which ourselves will not be exhausted .
Always follow-up  our words and we can have the best outcome every time resulting with a good reputation.
If we’re not honest in our life then we must always think about what we’re saying in the past and we can never have rest.
We need to watch out for people where we have been prejudice and unfairly against them, it will also determine that we could be very exhausting and never can have some rest on it.
Also we needs to watch for the judicial power who does not agree with this lifestyle and want to take legal action against us.
So we can never build a reliable life and this make us very exhausted.
Be fair against others and stand for our own word , this will give us a good future and a life full of harmony.


I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen
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