The Greatest Gift We can Give Away to Someone is our Time


Many things in life are related to precision and time.
And time is a precious and priceless thing when it comes into timeless moments.
Time is something that we need to spend with enjoyment from each other.
We want to give everything for the most important person in our life through our hearts but without time all these things are becoming impossible.
But if we can spend time together with our love one, it is already more than enough and we do not need materialistic things
Our time that we are together give us a very fantastic feeling thus we both can be satisfied with each other.
The time that we can be with our loved together can not buy with money and it gives us an overwhelming feeling wonderful experience.
If we can give way our limited time and attention to our loved ones and people we respect, then its already a great gift from our heart.
Hopefully others then will also respect and appreciate our time so we can feel honored and glad to know that our time has been well spent.
Because the greatest gift on earth is the time where we spend together in peace.
Give each other space and time, it is so depressing not to positively consume your time, better make a change and use it to get full satisfaction..
Present time is what counts for the joy and history is a desire that will never come up with same phenomenon.
Spent our time wisely and useful, before we know it’s over.


I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen
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