The Flower in House


Our child or children are certainly the flowers in the house.
They smell family faithfully and feel good.
Looking great in our eyes and bring atmosphere in our home.
Giving us the best feeling in our lives.
And now comes the final and the truth in the next line.
Cause the love that they give to us , no one on earth can equal or give better.
A more beautiful flower in the home , we can not wish.
If they are healthy and all limbs work perfectly without defects.
We are the luckiest parents in the world.
Of course there are and coming other times in a life.
It is not always without problems and failures in life.
But one thing is certain the love for each other will never disappear.
That is so strong between children and parents that is valid for life.
Therefore be careful with each other and make the best of it.
As the flower that also should be nurture.
A large field of flowers give beautiful colors and scents.


I wish You a Good and Healthy Life

Kindly Regards
© author Jan Jansen

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The Flower in House

The Flower in House – author jan jansen @easyjanjansen @authorjanjansen @janjansenpoetry