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The Encounter.


I heard rustling and noises downstairs.
But do not believe it, try to sleep.
But that is just the beginning, want more dreaming.
But that will not be, the sounds are getting louder.
But that can not be.
Do I hear the piano now, I would not believe.
And decides to go look or maybe not.
Slowly, I creep down and look around me.
What do I see there ?
I see a leg, and a dark dress.
There sitting on the piano in the cold.
I sneak it and see to my surprise, it’s a woman.
I can not see her, because her back was towards me.
She sit so quietly, and walk towards it.
I start to talk to her and put an arm around her.
She looks deeply into my eyes and says, I love You.
I could not find words to reply.
And had a lump in my throat.
That look in her eyes said so much.
I have not mastered and letting myself go.
What was happening, I can not find the words.
And will not tell it its private.
I slept well without sorrow.
Suddenly startled awake but she was not there.
Fast running down, what do I see standing there?
A piano with a past, I know it still does.
I look around and see nothing.
What I get beautiful dreams.
Because it comes from nowhere.


I wish you a healthy life.
Author Jan Jansen