The Biggest Mistake a Person can Ever Make is to Simply Give Up


We all meet with surprises and setbacks in our life, there will not be any exception to nobody.
The main concern is what kind of impact this will give on us, with not too much damage on our peace of mind and how we can handle it.
Sometimes it can be very significant if we experience something that affects our emotional feelings in which will be difficult for us to suppress it and we don’t want to give it the free rein.
Materialistic problems are easier to accept but it is an entirely different handling process without such a profound feelings.
Family matters where love is involved may also end up in tragic consequences for some cases.
Mostly because they are not talking to each other so no longer have control over the handling process, and in a few seconds their mind cannot think clearly so they only response with emotions.
With emotional, we should always look for an excuse for ourselves not involve to do stupid things, because we not only ruin our own life but also to many people who have given their hearts and love for keeping with us.
In a downturn, we should just be careful and think ten times before we let our emotions dominate us and make the biggest mistake of our life
Never do something which is unrecoverable for ourselves or others, because then a regret will no more have effect for our actions and this can give an aftermath in our mind and to others in the whole life.
Never give up on anything and surpassing of ourselves to be better, so we can be a winner of our mind, because a quitter can never win, and a winner never quits.
Emotional feelings can be painful because if we do something back, we can also give others the same pain and sadness by our quick reacting actions, so a stupid result will be there for us.
Be the winner of our life, never give up but to improve it.


I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen

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