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The Best Passage.


Everyone has a passage needed in his life.
A passage to a better life or position.
A helping hand for a passage to pass and to meet people.
Passages or without help from another his word is difficult in life.
Whether you need to have so many talents to create everything by yourself.
But I’m sure a helping hand faster results.
You will provide an earlier passage have to your goal.
A goal that each of us have in his but can not always reach.
It is at least not for the taking.
Without money or contacts you can forget it.
And the only word is sweating.
Sweating to the end and you will fail many times.
Failure of the things at work and after not work.
Because You can not pick it up from the trees.
You are so easily started and thought you have so many sources.
But that is fallen, and is against you , now with your hands in the hair.
Because it was close only a string and you could hear the music.
That would be a better future for your ears to hear.
But that’s not so easy.
It’s the little things you do not see the difference.
Those little things that will make the difference of success or failure.
Who will now pay the price of all the work and loss.
Why is life so dirty.
You had almost reached your goal and your bed was spread.
But that small difference for the end result you could not accomplish.
Your project now fails where so much time and energy you for pay.
If you already have that knowledge now agree with others could share and discuss.
You will find those holes that you can fill with results.
Results that count in life and give each other more joy.
Together we have achieved our goal and practiced again.
Together strong, That is then the decision.


Many just want only for them the fame and honor achievement.
But that is not up for grabs.
Think carefully about everything first.
Because time is money in life.
Together we can win.
By partnering with a goal to start.
As a team, you have a better chance.
And your life is better balanced.
Because not everything goes according to plan.


I wish you a healthy life.
Author Jan Jansen