It Takes a Great Courage to Not let the Failure Defeat Us


Life is so beautiful and amazing that we can even think of something and come up our idea or talk about it even it is not  there yet.
There are dreams all over it in our mind and we always make a sketch with imagination regarding what will happen if everything goes well.
That gives us a good feeling and we will be very positive by then because we are going to spend more energy and make it into a reality.
When the plan get developed in progress , several new ideas also will be emerged and that make everything become even more feasible.
We will always be cheerful and full of enthusiasm because we actually can see our dream changes and that give us a positive energy with courage.
Getting Busy with our plan everyday and we pay close attention to make our dream comes true because we believe it can improve on our future.
We couldn’t sleep at night, because our mind are constantly working and wants to achieve the best results.
When we can have everything ready, then a great beginning will take place with full of nerves and joy because we know that we will eventually succeeded in achieving what we wants in our life.
But sometime we are regret because our optimism does not give as the desire result and we are getting defeated by the failure.
There goes our beautiful dream and the expectations creates nothing because it does not yield a desired outcome for us.
Now it ‘s time for us to realize on the failure and accept our own misjudgment with courage.
Things are already turns into a failure but that is no problem for us if we can show that we have a good winning mentality, even though we are the loser by now, all we need to do is just go ahead and change our plan.
Thus we invented our effort and time to save the modal by coming up with a new idea with a hope that it will not turn into another failure.
Not all steps taken by us will be a success in our life so we have to learn to accept failure and not to be dejected.
We must believe on our own character, never let the failure defeat us.
The courage we have will definitely help us to be triumph in the future.


I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen
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