Swim like a fish in the water


In a swimming pool or big lake like sea, we can acquire a good physical fitness and athletic figure.
Crawl swimming strokes with hands and flutter kick structured trampling movements with the feet help to keep us afloat.
The front crawl is the fastest swimming technique and beats easily the most simple traditional breaststroke swimming stroke.
It is a physical art to move coordinating with rhythm and balancing swimming in the water.
With equal effective strokes let us move quickly through the water.
An increased pace of swimming strokes will augment the speed.
Help enhance our condition and let our heart beat faster so it will enlarge.
A bigger heart through better condition will reduce the heart rate and we can swim through the speed midst dolphins.
In the water we will be able to move better and will stay afloat also by means of treading water or with the technique single backstroke.
Because in our life swim techniques and swimming speed is something another can learn us, but not give they can only hand us a life jacket.
Also we can go swim and relax in the salty seawater and feel himself lighter and that is good for the mind about our weight.
It is also scientifically proven that swimming is the best and fastest way to burn our calories.

So swim like a fish in water, than we can feel free as a bird in the sky.

I wish you a healthy life
Kindly Regards
Author Jan Jansen

Dutch Version
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Daily Poems and Stories Portal - Swim like a fish in the water

Swim like a fish in the water