Staying Calm in Any Situation is the Wisest and will Give us the Best Perspectives.


At every event where panic break out then our nerves are tested and often we do thoughtless things that must be done because of taken quick decisions.
We know at this unexpected time not what or where to start and what to do during that time, we do what seems the best is in our mind, but that does not always end so intelligent.
By such an unexpected event on a inexplicable time suddenly we are usually so shocked that crying is closer than to laugh and we will be happy if we can save ourselves from this event.
But by a panicky hasty reaction we unwittingly take place due with time constraints in a thoughtless action, where we later thought about it, another time we will have done it different so this would have been better.
If we had stayed quiet we had definitely taken a different and deliberate decision that we would not be harmed and would have been avoided talking afterwards.
And so it is also when we are emotionally hurt than we can ever cook inside and malicious things to do or say, but that is absolutely not necessary and has no effect its superfluous.
It has affected our feelings and we are not happy about it, but evil or hasty steps does not give solutions, but confrontations.
All that often only make things worse for ourselves emotionally and wherein two or more people are hurt is it possible that the physical behavior control may be lost.
Never ending discussions can arise which do not promote, but rather create bad moods and emotions get worse higher up.
So it just create more malicious blood which causes the condition out of hand and can end up with nasty consequences for both.
While if we had remained calm and had all stored in our memory we were those who had the situation under control, because we could retrospectively determine whether we want this relationship or conversation to put on a better time or completely terminate.
Also, we must look at peace with ourselves, what is the wisest thing to do or the accurate and legitimate words accurately efficiently back saying something.
Self-control is in many events in our life so important for the further course of a peaceful existence and the most important is the inner peace with ourselves.
For the best prospects in life on earth is the wisest way to continuously stay calm in any situation where we come in contact with.


I wish you a healthy life.Kindly Regards,
author Jan Jansen


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Staying Calm in Any Situation is the Wisest and will Give us the Best Perspectives 27 June 2015