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Sometimes You really need a Good Fall to know where You Stand


In life it is always trial and error, and therefore we are learning every time.
Some of us have good or bad luck but some already have everything when they are born, this is what many of us can only think or dream about.
They do everything with materialistic, because the real character of those people not yet being discovered.
If the parents do not give them a good education then it will be a big problem for them in the future.
They think that everything is normal and will don’t have the respect for life and with this they cannot built for a stable future.
If we can buy everything with money then there will be so easy and no problem.
But life is not only about money, because money can not buy us a good health.
So if anyone think that when they have a lot of money , they are more than another person then it is obviously something is wrong.
If an incurable disease occurs then it is not possible to prevent it even with all the money on earth
When this occurs in our environment , we only are awaken from fall into a deep valley and then realize that we are indeed have all the equal rights and obligations.
Money is only a tool to make our lives more enjoyable but not to be more than another


I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen
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