Sometimes we Need to be more Quiet in order to Listen with a Clear Mind


Stressed is the moment when we lose full attention to something very important , because our brains only can focus on one thing.
That is the moment when everything become too much and no more balance thus we lost the concentration, so our physical energy has also been misused.
Sometimes it is difficult to control ourselves in a particular situation, but when we think in retrospect  about what has happened before, it was useless and unwise to respond like this without thinking for both ourselves and others.
Always stay cool, calm and collected, so we can oversee the whole situation properly which give us the best results and it is also better for our health.
In such a stage where there noisiness can arise it is always better to remain entirely calm with our sense and therefore can have a clearer mind to think for a good and appropriate response
Because when we are being agitated is a loss of concentration, so we can never give any good reply.
When we are overly excited in the situation and being stimulated by the words or event, we may lose our self-control and that can lead to mutual disagreements.
Excessively behavior among us and others can make the situation getting out of hands which we will regret later.
Forthright and imperturbable calm reaction is the best defense for a clear mind, this will bring peaceful with a sober response.
Overloading with emotions will react on everything and turn it all into a negative behavior.
Cautiously and restrains with a jovial reaction can control the situation and will lead us to a reasonable compromise or peaceful action.
Listening with a clear mind will repent the tranquility after which we are responsible for benevolent to give a sympathetic response.
Always try to stay calm and collected in every situation in order to achieve the best results.


I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen

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