If Something is Meant for Us, It will be There


In one way or another, always things happen in our life that are taking place and replace the empty, when we need it at that time .
It seems that “the darkest hour is before the dawn” and there will be a right solution for us.
So we begin to believe that things are predestined for us, and the emptiness we lack  in something are filled with a desired result.
Therefore it is very important to have a perseverance and never give up our courage because ultimately there will still be a suitable solution .
Sometimes it’s hard to believe when we are constantly faced with adversity and suffer psychologically and thus lose our hope.
But if we indulging in it, we will be more depressed and just make it harder for ourselves which also affect on our daily life and environment around us will recognize it.
Try to accept things positively with a calm mood to look at it differently, as a winner always has more advantages than a quitter .
The moment we begin to change our attitude towards ourselves and others is a sign of weakness and that we give up the bravery of our normal life.
That’s direct not a good prospect and will have a negative impact on all fronts which  resulting in an uncomfortable position.
There is nothing so frustrating as our own not feel good when we are on a place or  doing something at ease.
So just keep ourselves positive, because if something is meant for us will also come and better welcome it in joy.


I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen

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