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Simplicity gives Us a Wonderful Life


Blow one’s own trumpet is very easy especially when everything is going well in our life.
Simplicity is the human nature, therefore we must keep the character to ourselves and that makes our life a lot more easier.
Want to do more than we can in reality for all day but then it just give a very tiring life for ourselves.
It is very hard for us to concentrate because we have to think which playlet to show in our community every time and that is not our own character.
Also we will lost friends with it once the truth of our real character of life come to light.
Consequent misunderstandings will arise and we have to show our true face, at the same time must accept that we certainly lose our fame due to inconsistency.
And that is very normal because honesty is the best way to go and it certainly gave some additional value for a relationships.
Straight people will always prevail in our world by the confidence they build in their environment which can gain them the respect.
Successful people have the simplicity with them so they can keep their value to everyone easily and in return they are being respected.
The rule of life is : “give respect to get respect”, so they are the real champions.
They know and understand it all, that in life can come a reversal of success that’s why they never need to change their own behavior.
Fortunately they manage to keep their feet on the ground and always make it simple so no need for personal change takes place in every situation and are being well respected by everyone because of their simplicity and good manners.
So they have happiness and wonderful life because they keep the same personality every moment in their life.


I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen

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