The Simplest Way to be Happy is by Letting Go of Things that make Us Sad


Everyone have their joyful and sad moment in life, and the best thing is only to remember the joy and forget things that give us grief.
But it’s all easier said than done, especially when we deal with an emotional pain which make us sad.
Because inner pain can create a worse problem than physical and it will totally confused our feelings and mood.
But we must be realistic and recognize that there will be absolutely no possibility for change of destiny in some instances.
Then it is better to delete the bad instances from our mind as quickly as possible and move on with other pleasant things.
It may be hard to release but if sadness remains in our mind will only negatively affect us and we will not be happy.
Be strong and courageous in mind, think carefully and not to forget about inner feelings which is important in our life.
And if it is something that belongs to our life, then give it a place and do not constantly think about it, only remember the good moments sometimes.
Because only by letting the sad things go, we can expected a new good moment coming for us.
Don’t forget that our past will never come back and future will determine the rest of our life.
If we want to be happy, we must forget the sad moments and start with a new beginning of our life, just be positive and leave the bad memories behind us.
Be optimistic to give ourselves a happy life in the future with a smile.


I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen

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