Self-Protection is Very Important in order to Avoid being Outsmarted by Ourselves


Every man has a fool in his sleeve and at the moment we think we are smart enough then someone else give us a lesson, because we didn’t realize that there are so many different possibilities on earth that we have not discovered yet, so always be careful.
Today it is not like what happened in the old age when the more harder we worked, the better our life will be, it is the time now most people just want to work as little as possible but they want receive as much as possible.
So be wise, “if we want to do something necessarily with no stop, we also need to take responsibility for it” is a good warning for some opinionated people.
And because there are always some unruly people who just want to do what is impossible or prohibited and refuse to listen to the warning signals or signs, then many unexpected things can be happened.
Often by the time we realize that our stupidity to fall for it, it’s already too late and there is no way back, so we have to accept it as our loss or exasperation.
We are the victims of being credulity in ourselves, because sometimes we thought to know things better, but if we settle something too quickly, can make the situation becomes unmanageable.
This almost can confirm that we are already putting ourselves out, and we become the checkmate as we have given the power of attorney and legal rights out of our hands, thus we are powerless.
To prevent outsmarted ourselves is so important that trust is good but control better, before we making a firm decision.


I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen

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