The word respect generates many different views for various people.
But it is actually our basic foundation of attitude toward others.
We always should appreciate and accept others no matter how,  what or who they are.
Respect can be in any kind of value but everyone are treated in the same level of influence.
Some people quickly feel offended and do not want to discuss further thus they start to think and speak that others do not respect them.
But to be respected, we must earn it by ourselves by being polite and have good manners for others.
Everyone has their own attitude and character, we are all in a learning process, so it is the duty for all of us to respect each other.
We also should show respect for someone whose personality may not fully match with us, because every human being have their own attitude and character.
Respect means be respectful for each other to let everyone keeping their own value of life.
We should have respect for any person in front of us regardless of the skin color, ethnicity or their knowledge.
It doesn’t matter how is their skills, qualities or performance, most important is to give full respect to everyone around us with good attitude and being politeness.
Always think positive about others even though some of them may give us a false impression at that time.
Peace will begin when we are able to respect each other equally.
Treat others with decency and honesty as they way we want to be treated.
Respect give joy in a peaceful world which will eventually triumph over poverty and violence.


I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen
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