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The color of love is red.
Loved ones to the death.
Sit together in the boat and go through the red country.
Hand in hand watching all those beautiful flowers.
And secretly enjoy kissing under the round Sun.
We could do this and so more so enjoy life.
Looking around us and everything is so red.
And I feel so great and would like your right now to say so but you don’t know it.
I dropped a fart. Ha ha ha
No, I would say not you believe me or not.
I want to tell you baby I love you and keep you all my life faithful.
With you I wake up every morning and having breakfast together.
Or can you not understand that , do You not have the same feeling as me ?
Do I make you not happy with those words you’ve surely heard ?
Or have I now drilled You through the heart with a large pin.
Because I want later a large family with many children.
Play together outside in the sun on the balcony.
Would you be happy , I hope You have the same thought.
I have waited long enough and longed for it.
I hope I’m not afraid You , because of telling my feelings.
And as soon Mother can call and say how it went.
Now give me an answer what I have to do.
But what I hear I can not believe it.
You say I’m still not ready and I lied to you.
Have a boyfriend and I have cheated him with You.
He is at work and come get me later on.
Have put paid back him to what he has done with me in the past.
Will you really still on with me ?


I wish you a healthy life.
Author Jan Jansen