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Can you still believe in?
What they all promise you.
We promise you that if you buy this.
We will do that if you buy this.
If you buy that we promise you that we do that.
We promise you that we’re going to do, but you must buy it first.
They are all so nice of those promises.
But there are better from be it usually is not.
Happy thoughts may even can have it.
Oh I want to buy it and if I buy I get that also there for nothing.
Nice thoughts to believe in something and promise.
For another promise gives hope for something.
Hoping for a promise.
And a promise is a promise.
At least that’s what they taught me.
But experience has taught me otherwise.
And not with a smile.
So believe in promise gives me a bad feeling.
And I promise you that I do not believe in promises.


I wish you a healthy life.
Author Jan Jansen