When we were born, there come congratulations from all sides and many are expecting a desirable good life for us.
That is a very positive welcome in the new life for us and our parents.
But nobody gets a program at birth on how well to live their life.
The life program is something like this about 80% is of our own power which we have to do our best and the other 20% will be controlled by others.
When we encountered with bad experiences, either we can be pessimistic or optimistic, but the best is to be positive and learn from it to move on with a smile.
That smile enhances our mood and others can look into our face as positive thus give a good experience by other people.
Then we both responded positively and that brings us joy which can lead to fun and entertainment together.
That make our and others mood become more positive then we can together directly build a good relationship with a positive start.
If we also behave positively with them, then it will only improve, so a greater friendship may arise.
Honest and sincere to each other will therefore have a positive impact, thus it is almost impossible on making a bad relationship .
Positive people enjoy more benefits than those negative people, because the pessimistic guy makes things even more negative and an optimistic person sees all the negative things in the positive way.
The optimistic person broadened his horizons while the pessimistic person can not have a wider vision because of their negative attitude and appearance.
So as a result from being negative, others avoid to contact them, because everybody prefer not to go on negative confrontation with them.
Because those negative person only can have few laugh but people like to just laughed at positive things.
Always be positive in life and avoid pessimistic and discriminatory minded people in our circle of friends to live our life with joy.


I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen


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