Patience is the Key to Discover our True Selves when we are left with Nothing or in a Down State of Mind


Our state of mind is an important factor in how we feel and react to the outside world.
The better we are in the state of our mind, we can have more fun in everything we are experiencing, and that give us more enthusiastic to have a positive attitude with showing the friendly smile.
If we are in a difficult period of our life, it is important to believe in ourselves so that we can have self awareness.
Decidedly wait for the decisions which make sense, so we will not recklessly go and find for everything and make ourselves even more confusing to search for the solutions.
Always keep our emotion in check and patiently waited for our chances, do not take hasty decisions, and learn to behave in sad and deplorable conditions.
Being left behind with an abandoned feeling, that process hurt us so much by things we’ve loss.
Yet we are so wise to realize our initiatives effort has been wasted and the feelings will only be escalated into more saddened by the defeat.
A cautious approach will probably give us more satisfaction than exposing our feelings to explain with exuberant to others.
When we think of can give nothing more to others, we are in a poor state of mind and think that life has no sense, but patience can be the key to true discovery.


I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen

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