Love is what we all desire and what we passionately needed.
Two hands and arms around us can give warm and whispered sweet words for our ears.
That’s all we want to hear and such an experience gives us the new courage.
Two people who love each other can give more trust and satisfaction to each other.
That’s what love can give us together, we can do everything and there is nothing which revolves around with money.
This is something that we don’t care much because money will not generate real love but can give only problems.
Then love falls apart (money and hubris) by the pride and that will not bring many happiness.
Fortunately, it is the love that is always going to win because money can not do anything against it.
The passion of two people who have chosen each other will always overcome the money evil and that will always turn out to be against the rich.
When two hearts speak together with all the words and thoughts.
Then we only can talk about desire because it is the only things of our common interests and we both strive for it.
Nobody can control the passion of love and it may happen to anyone, its not just something that only occurs in our dreams.
Follow the destination path of our heart and it will give us a passionate reward.


I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen
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